Cable Protection Systems in Offshore Wind Farms: The Success of the Horns Rev 3

The Horns Rev 3 – Stabilisation project was initiated by Vattenfal to improve the Cable Protection System (CPS) by reducing or eliminating movement within the system.


Offshore wind farms are crucial for clean energy generation, but protecting subsea power cables remains a challenge. Cable protection systems (CPSs) play a vital role in safeguarding these connections, yet they face issues that can lead to costly damage and repairs. In this article, we highlight the successful Horns Rev 3 – CPS Stabilisation Project as a model for addressing CPS challenges and enhancing offshore wind farm infrastructure.

CPS Challenges and Implications

Subsea power cables contribute significantly to the UK’s electricity generation, making CPS reliability critical. However, CPSs are prone to abrasion and damage caused by movement and natural surroundings, leading to potential cable failures and escalating repair costs. Major developers such as Ørsted, Vattenfall, and RWE have encountered CPS issues, emphasizing the urgent need for effective solutions.

The Horns Rev 3 – CPS Stabilisation Project

Vattenfall’s Horns Rev 3 project aimed to enhance CPS stability and protect against further deterioration. Mario Zuzic, as the client representative from Aqua Consilium, worked closely with contractor Boskalis to execute the project. The installation process utilized the vessel North Sea Giant, equipped with advanced remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and specialized tools.

Comprehensive Project Execution

The project commenced with detailed pre-installation surveys to assess CPS and cable conditions, followed by thorough analysis and investigation. Post-installation surveys enabled meticulous inspection and precise recording of rock bag coordinates. Aqua Consilium ensured compliance with specific requirements, including optimal rock bag placement and minimizing stress on CPS latching bodies. The collaborative efforts of Aqua Consilium, Boskalis, and the North Sea Giant’s ROV team resulted in a stabilized CPS system at all 87 locations within the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm.


The Horns Rev 3 – CPS Stabilisation Project serves as a successful example of addressing CPS challenges and enhancing offshore wind farm infrastructure. By prioritizing comprehensive surveys, advanced technology, and expert collaboration, Vattenfall achieved a stabilized CPS system, mitigating future risks and ensuring cable integrity. This project sets a precedent for developers in tackling CPS issues and emphasizes the importance of ongoing research and innovation. By proactively enhancing CPS reliability, offshore wind farms can support the transition to a cleaner and sustainable energy future.